Construction Gallery

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23 Academy St: This is the newest project that we have started. It is under construction and will have 11 apartments, and one commercial space

300 Block Project (Behrends Court): Another of our in-house projects consisting of 9 buildings and a parking lot. 36 residential units, 4 work/live lofts, 9 commercial spaces, 23 parking spaces. Environmentally responsible features of this project include photovoltaics for generation of electricity from sunlight, geoexchange technology for energy efficient heating and cooling, bamboo as well as cork flooring for renewable resource material use (bamboo regenerates in 3-5 years while oak takes 40-60 years). Features an interior courtyard cut through the center of 7 of the buildings facing Main St. Courtyard floor is commercial space roof. Rain water from the roof is stored in a cistern and will be used to water the plants, flowers, and trees on the courtyard, thus not creating a load on the City water supply. Project Completed.

202 – 206 Main St: One of our in-house projects that we managed for years and then sold. Three separate buildings. 12 residential units, and 3 commercial spaces. Project Completed.

Demitasse Cafe: Another of our in-house projects. We were in the process of rehabilitating not only the three adjacent buildings (202-206 Main St), but of trying to recover the neighborhood from the clutches of prostitution and drug use. We had a vision of an artistic neighborhood but could not find a commercial tenant willing to open an upscale coffee shop along the lines we felt would enhance the neighborhood. So I designed, built and opened a beautiful Victorian coffee shop. Just take a look at the pictures… We managed to turn the neighborhood around, and realized our vision of a thriving artistic community.

Harlow Row: This project was done for Hudson River Housing. One building comprised of 4 separate addresses (102-106 Little Market St). 8 residential units, and 4 commercial spaces. Project Completed.

104-106 Mansion St: This project is for Hudson River Housing. It will become two, two bedroom, split level homes, with provisions for a second unit in the basement on each side, should the new owner decide to build it for the extra income. Project Completed.

295 Main St: The Cast Iron Building: This project was done for Tom Cervone, and included to complete restoration of 99 windows, soda blasting the exterior of the building, rebuilding missing cornices, reconstruction of the storefronts, and re-painting of all painted surfaces. Project Completed.

360 – 362 Main St: Another of our in-house projects. The larger building may have been a stable with haylofts above. The smaller building was a covered over alleyway. We are adding a full second and third storey to the larger building for residential units, and are taking down the roof of the smaller building to return it to the alley use, and provide access to Main St from the street behind (Cannon St). Project in progress

87 Broadway: This project was done for Andy Cavaluzzi in Newburgh. It included the restoration of all of the windows, and the repairs of all of the rotted exterior woodwork, as well as an exterior paint job. Project Completed.

559 Main St: This project was done for Marc Persico of Homestead Housing LLC. The project consisted of work on three separate buildings. The largest building is featured in these photographs. This is an example of a disastrous building. Precision Contractor was hired for the demolition and framing phases. Project Completed

35 High St (Our offices and base of construction operations): Another or our in-house projects. This was an old ice-house at the turn of the century. Ice from the river was cut into block with saws, and brought by horse and buggy to the ice-house where it was stored in sawdust. The ice actually lasted through the summer. Later on a portion of the building was made into a fur vault for cold storage, complete with a bank vault door ! We now have our offices here, as well as a variety of tenants, and house both construction tools and materials for our many jobs here. Project completed

117 Academy St : Another of our in-house projects. This Victorian Italianate home of 6650 square feet was built in 1859, and is on the National Register of cropped-pre-transp-e1393596043549.gifHistoric Places. When I first bought it, it had been converted into a 3 family house, and was in very bad shape. We turned it back into a single family residence, and restored the interior to the splendor it had once enjoyed.

Miscellaneous projects: This link has pictures of several other projects we have completed

Spectrum Graphics (306 Main St):This project is for Scott Mallen of Spectrum Graphics. We stripped off the ugly 1970’s facade so an architect could see what was hidden below, and design a new facade. Project Completed.

1-3 N Hamilton St (Squeaky Clean Laundry): Another of our in-house projects. We converted the single storey building into a laundry (which we still own) when we could not find a tenant for the space. The first storey of the two storey building has been converted to a folding area for the laundry. The second floor of the building is a two bedroom split level apartment. Project completed

291 Mill St: This rehabilitation project will be for for Hudson River Housing. Project Completed.

16-26 Conklin St: This new construction project will be for for Hudson River Housing. It will consist of three 2-family homes. Project Completed.

Upcoming projects: This is the upcoming projects page.

Maple Grove: This project is for St Simeon’s. The house is on the National Register of Historic Places. Historic restoration of the facade is being completed under the watchful eye of the State Historic Preservation Organization (SHPO) and Matthew Bialecki Associates. Project is in progress

Mall Barricades:

Commercial ProjectsPuff ‘N Stuff,   American Eagle Outfitters,   Lerner,   Nathan’s,   Limited Too,   Mr. Rags,   Carlton Cards,   Collectibles,   Hair LaCoy,   Nail Salon,   Prints Plus,   Ritz Camera,   TCBY,   Vitamin World, Wolf Camera,   Beauty Plus,   Best Buy,   H & M , Commercial ATM project, and the Mall Common Area expansion are some of the commercial build outs we have done at the Poughkeepsie Galleria Mall

138 Montgomery / 278 Church St: Another of our in-house projects. This property is made up of two tax lots, and several buildings. It has one 2 bedroom apt, one three bedroom apt, 26 garages, a woodworking loft, a storage loft, and several parking spaces.


412 Main St: Another of our in-house projects. This building used to be the old New York Telephone Company building. We cleaned out the building, and put on an entire new roof. We rented the first floor to Family Dollar. We are in the process of installing an elevator, so that the second floor will become handicapped accessible.

485 Main St: This is a commercial project for the Barrett Art Center. It is called ClaySpace. It will be used for clay art. Local artists will have the use of studios upstairs to make clay art, a glazing room on the first floor, and kilns to fire the clay. There will be classroom on the first floor for the general public (who can also use the kilns). There will also be a gallery shop on the first floor for art sales.

399 Main St: Another or our in-house projects. This is an elegant Italianate Victorian building to which we have done a moderate rehabilitation of the interior

141 N Hamilton: Another or our in-house projects

8 Fountain Place: Another or our in-house projects. This is a two family house we lovingly restored. Project Completed.

47 Civic Center Plaza: Another or our in-house projects. This is a retail plaza we purchased that was fully occupied. We did some repairs, and then sold the building.

214 Main: We rehabilitated the entire interior of this building, and spruced up the exterior

317 Main St: This project was done for Roy Budnick. We rehabilitated the exterior of the building, and did substantial preparatory work on the interior

8 N Cherry St.: This project was done for Hudson River Housing: Structural Stabilization